Eyewitness™ Workforce Automation

Believe it! Picture Perfect Operations.

Eyewitness™ has a Workforce Automation module that takes POP to a higher level, empowering you to completely automate your workflow and processes.

This add-on component allows you to send work schedules to an employee's PDA device instead of the standard paper posting/install orders.


  • Track your Operations progress online. Anywhere, any time.
    • Track individual contract installations.
    • Track individual installers progress.
    • Track overall performance for a market or region.
  • Create work Schedules for one or multiple installers. By day, by week, by month.
  • Dispatch work to hand-held .
  • Installers use hand-held devices to complete daily/weekly workload.
  • Completion data and photos automatically returned to the web server and management system from hand-held devices.
  • View your posts and photos online within seconds of completion.
  • Photo and completion information linked back to original install order for viewing by your clients via the POP web interface.
  • GPS enabled PDA�s track where the completion information was captured, adding an additional layer of proof that the work was completed.
  • Utilize the data within the intelligent grids to generate analytical reporting for billing, payroll, market performance.