Eyewitness™ POP

Believe it! Surpass your Client's Expectations.

There's only one POP solution you can believe in to deliver real time solutions for your real world challenges! Eyewitness™ is a unique web-based Proof of Performance solution that delivers the picture perfect Proof of Performance that your clients are demanding.

Eyewitness™ POP also allows you to benefit from a higher level of automated operational efficiency and cost savings, with the ability to access invoicing, contracts, posting instructions, location lists and proof of delivery, as well as generate completion reports and POP reports.

By providing your clients with intelligent grid controls, allowing detailed drill downs and navigation, they will have the ability to see a summary of all their campaigns, and can follow your progress to the street. And if they want even more details on a campaign, they can drill down to get a list of all flights, or Panels, for the campaign.

Eyewitness™ POP offers other leading edge capabilities, such as photos of completions and date/time stamps being updated in real-time. By adding the billing details you have centralized access to information that your clients have been asking for. And thanks to flexible security, your clients can manage their access to users and their clients.


  • Track your contracts online. Anywhere, any time.
  • Let your Clients track their contract progress online.
  • Request Email notifications when specific milestones within a contract have been reached.
  • Multi-tiered security ensures your clients information is secure.
  • Store and share contract information.
  • Store and share invoices and billing schedules related to a contract.
  • Monitor the ongoing progress of your contracts, ensuring they are pacing on time. Allowing pro-active adjustments vs. reactive credits.
  • Generate industry standard Proof of Performance reports, including photos of individual postings.