Eyewitness™ Mapping

Believe it! Map it Your Way - Fast!

Our revolutionary mapping solutions allow for your assets to be geographically mapped using various mapping engines. This geographic display of assets helps your clients view your inventory online and realize the depth of your market coverage. Assists your sales department in generating client specific proposals, utilizing custom skewing requests as well as demographics.

Mapping solutions can help you increase revenue, reduce complexity, improve business decisions and deliver more professional pre and post analysis reports to your clients.


  • Visualize Key Business Information
  • Automatically plot panels
  • View panel information
  • View multimedia, e.g. photos, videos
  • Select panels and create proposals with maps
  • Display Proximity data automatically
  • Plot points of interest
  • Automatic selection of panels based on Proximity
  • Demographic shading via Census Data
  • Sophisticated Geocoding