Believe it! Campaign Management in real-time.

Eyewitness™ is an out-of-the-box solution for KBWorld Quattro users and easily configurable with all other systems. Eyewitness™ is comprised of three modules: Mapping, Workforce Automation, and POP.

Every time there is a posting the installer takes a time/date stamped photo, which is delivered to a central database and is accessible from each client's web-based account. Your customers have the ability to monitor the installation of their campaigns as well as view photographs and Proof of Performance reports instantly.

Eyewitness™ offers absolute transparency and accountability and extends to accessible invoicing, contracts, posting instructions, location lists and proof of delivery.

Manage your workforce virtually and automatically collate photos of postings to work orders with our Workforce Automation module.

Have a bird's eye view of contracts with location lists and Proof of Performance viewable in 'now' time and in a historical perspective with our Proof of Performance module.

Give clients real-time access to their postings as they are executed, accurately target audiences and more with our Mapping module.

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